Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #208: Summer Vibe

This week, it is Solaner’s turn to guest-host Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, and everyone’s been challenged to show some summer vibes.

There’s no denying that everyone would want a frozen treat on a hot summer day. Summer is just about the only time anyone would ever find me licking a popsicle, biting into it, risking a brain freeze, while trying to prevent its sticky liquid from dripping all over my hands. Of all 13 years I’ve lived in this suburban city, 2022 was my second time to watch the 4th of July parade the city had put up year after year (except 2020). I actually participated in the parade in 2019.

So when I went to the parade in 2021 and found everyone got a popsicle, there was no way I was going to miss the parade.

There is definitely something about sunflowers that give off the vibe that it’s summer. The sunflower on the left was from last year. I might had planted it a little too late because it didn’t bloom until around September when the temperature had cooled. Still, seeing a sunflower made me feel like it was still summer.

Finally, nothing screams summer like a nice harvest of ripe tomatoes, peppers and berries. Though all were harvested in late summer, early autumn, they are still part of the summer garden as these won’t thrive unless it’s summer.

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