Monday Thoughts

It’s Monday again, and yet, it still feels like the weekend. This past weekend has been both long and short.

It was short for the obvious reason.

It was was long because I spent Saturday finalizing and agonizing over every detail of my upcoming road trip – researching what to see in each city and finding motels and hotels that’s Mom-approved. Mom was willing to stay at motels with a 1-star rating, so long as it’s cheap. Meanwhile, I was hell-bent on spending a few extra bucks to stay at some reputable places. In the end, we went with what I wanted, for once.

The road trip itinerary is basically set in stones now, at least for lodging and transportation. I’m now debating whether I should purchase the admission tickets for the places we’re going to visit online in advance. I’m worried that we’ll run into a sold-out situation on the day of. I hope not.

I hope it will go smoothly on the transportation as I have been hearing about flight cancellations. I hope that won’t happen to us. With a trip involving planes and layovers, I feel like a lot of things can go wrong, which makes me nervous, and what are we supposed to do in Vegas for the 7-hour layover anyways?

I went to Vegas last year and it cost an arm and a leg just to get anywhere from the airport. At least from my experience last year, I didn’t see any public transportation from the airport and it cost $70 per person to get transported from the airport to the hotel. Anyway, mom was saying she wants to spend the layover walking the strip. I say we should just stay and play the slot machines at the airport. Better yet, we should explore the airport.

I’m not looking forward to work today. There will be lots of emails. Mondays are always the day that the customer will flood my inbox with billing complaints, refund requests, yada yada yada. It also happens to be my turn to monitor the department’s email inbox. So there will be 3 inboxes I’ll have monitor today. Yippee! Not.

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