#SundayStills – Monthly Color Challenge: #Mustard

I never really liked the condiment mustard – the yellow stuff that’s famous on burgers and hot dogs, even though I’ve never really tried it.

I have tried Dijon Mustard and I quite like that in salad dressings. I think part of the problem with regular mustard is the color. I feel like it doesn’t look right on anything.

Since I can’t really find anything that matches the color of the bottle of stone-grounded Dijon Mustard that’s sitting in my fridge, I’ll go with the regular stuff.

Hope you enjoy the gallery!

Sunday Stills

11 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Monthly Color Challenge: #Mustard

    1. Thank you! How great is to have a neighbor bring you tomatoes. I tried to grow a yellow cherry tomato variety this year but it died on me. I hear their flavor is a little different from the red tomato. I should’ve added my freshly harvested Golden Jubilee tomato to the gallery but it’s ripe yet, still has a tiny shade of green around the top.

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    1. I heard about mustard be used this way and I think I’ve had it before. Now, you’ve got me thinking about pickles and I just harvested a couple pickling cucumbers from my garden. 😀 I should make me some pickles.

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      1. I don’t like the jarred pickles in the grocery store either. I make a special kind of pickles that cannot be bought with lot of spices and home-grown cucumbers. 🙂

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