Sunday Poser #98 – Living Boldly

What does it mean to live boldly?

I knew this question looked familiar. I wrote about it back in January of this year as part of the Bloganuary challenge. Here is the original post.

Simply put, to live boldly – in my opinion – is to live in the present moment. Seize the moment and run with it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment because unless you’re waiting for the sunrise or the sunset, there is no perfect moment.

To live boldly is to live freely, I think. Freedom to do whatever you want. Freedom to go wherever you want, wherever you please. Freedom to choose your lifestyle. Freedom to make your decision and not let anyone else influence you.

As hard as I tried to live boldly this year, I think I failed. It seems like each time I try, something would go wrong and I end up relinquishing control back to my mother.

Mom recently said, “I’m glad I don’t have a son because I would not be able to control him.” Ouch!

I also learned I’ll be going into the office on the same day as my mom starting in October. That’ll mean another part of my freedom will be taken away. Going into the office on a different day as my mom gave me a sense of control even if it was just for a day. It was a way my therapist had taught me to help control my anxiety but now that’s been taken away.

I think if I really want to be bold, I would tell my mom, “no, I will not carpool with you,” but come on, you know I don’t have the guts to do such thing. I would get a big lecture and then I’d surrender with my tail between my legs.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #98 – Living Boldly

  1. I’ve been out of the house four years now and still don’t feel completely free. Building up the courage to say “no, I’m not doing that” is easier said than done, especially when you’re not a confrontational person, but we’ll get there, Yinglan! I have faith! 😊

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