What do you see # 164 – Cliffhanger

Image credit; Whoisbenjamin@Unsplash

Note: this is 100% fiction

Arms wide open, he stands at the edge of the cliff. “Don’t take another step,” He warns, “one more step and I’ll jump.”

“You don’t want to do this.” My hands are outstretched, hoping he would snap out of his cloud of irrationality. In a matter of days, we’ve become engulfed in this ridiculous game of cat and mouse when all he had to do in the first place was to surrender himself over to my custody. I am struggling to understand why this is so difficult for some people to do.

He glances at the torrential water lapping below, wide-eyed. Slowly, I take a gambling step forward. “Don’t,” he warns again, “I mean it.”

I sigh, raise my hands in surrender and take a step backward. “You know you’re making something easy difficult, right?”

He glances over his shoulder at the water below again and I can swear I saw him gulp. In fear perhaps?

We are merely two men standing a little more than an arm-length apart. What will happen if I close that length? Will I catch him by surprise and causes him to fall first or will I fall with him? Will I succeed or will I fail?

I’m going for it.

One, two, three…


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