Sunday Poser #111 – Reblog, Share, Link

When you Reblog/ share/ do you ask for permission or inform? Do you Link to the blogger you’re writing about?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ask or inform before sharing someone’s post? And if you are inspired by someone, do you mention it in your post and post a link to their post?

This is a hard one!

Of the years I’ve been writing and blogging, I’ve probably only ever reblogged five times (or less) and all were my own posts. I don’t see a reason to reblog any other bloggers’ posts onto my own blog as my main purpose for this blog is to write my own original material and as someone who must justify her every action, I cannot simply paste this person’s post onto my blog, even if the author gives permission.

If I’m inspired by someone’s post, I’ll usually link this person’s post to mine and then give them credit. That way, I can maintain my blog’s integrity of being a place of my original writing and I can share my inspiration at the same time.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #111 – Reblog, Share, Link

  1. When reblogging the writer can see the post is reblogged. But as I walked 3,8 kms today I thought about the impact of a blog on others. As my followers increased I got nervous about upsetting people, and since it’s a new thought I have not come to a conclusion. When I reblog I mean to share something I find important as well as true and that could be heart breaking or uplifting. I mean it to be honouring the writer. But, I need to work on a post about this.

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    1. I agree, the writer can see when his/her post has been re-blogged but I think some would appreciate to know the reason behind the reblog as there are, sometimes what is called a “spam reblog”. Just for security reasons, I guess.


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