#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 10 to 12

Day 10 of Bloganuary asked the question, “Has a book changed your life?

Oh absolutely! If it wasn’t for books, I wouldn’t be here today blogging.

All the way up to college, I hated reading. I didn’t read a book unless it was assigned and novels? Forget about it. I didn’t even want to touch a book.

Now that I’m thinking back, I think I didn’t like reading was because I haven’t found a genre I really liked. After all, up to this point, all I’ve ever read were the books assigned to read. Then I got a Kindle and all of a sudden, I no longer needed to carry this thick book. Instead, I had a large selection of books at the palm of my hands.

I started reading then and fell in love.

Books has absolutely changed my life in ways I can’t fathom. It’s improved my reading speed, my writing, and it’s fun seeing the scenes play out in my head while reading. I only wish I’ve fallen in love with it soon.

Day 11 of Bloganuary asked the question, “How do you define success?

What a difficult question!

I have a minimalistic approach when it comes to defining success. On a standardize scale, my definition of success is an equivalent of a “C” in grades – not so great, not so poor, right down the middle.

I think I have such a threadbare definition for success is because after suffering from so much disappointment throughout my life as well as having my dreams crushed over and over, I feel like despite being a perfectionist, perfection often feels so far out of my grasp that if I reach for it, I would just end up further disappointing myself. So why not just settling for good enough as a sign of success?

One thing I’ll say, success isn’t something of an instant gratification. It’s something we have to keep on working for it and know that eventually, we’ll get there and will achieve the result we strived for.

Day 12 of Bloganuary asked the question, “What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

Any chore is challenging for me whenever I have to do them under the supervision of my mom because no one can clean like she can. In fact, no one can ever seem to meet her expectations on anything.

If I’m not under her supervision, the most challenging chore will have to be vacuuming. It’s not particularly challenging until I have to carry it up and down the stairs as well as vacuum the stairs. I don’t know about your vacuum, my vacuum is heavy and there are quite a bit of stairs. Having to carry the vacuum up and down so many steps makes me want to take breaks in between and I would never recommend breaks in the midst of a chore.

2 thoughts on “#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 10 to 12

  1. I’m happy you’ve found your love of reading! I do love my Kindle, in fact, I’m about to hop on my treadmill and cover a few more chapters. I agree on the success thing – it absolutely does not need to be epic. Making it through the day can be considered success. Ugh, I forgot about the stairs! Yeah, total pain.

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