What do you see # 170 – The Portal

Image credit; Sylvian Sarrailh @ Digiartque

Note: this is 100% fiction

It wasn’t the first time she went hiking at night. The main purpose of that night was to get away, hike somewhere where the stars could be seen.

She has hiked these parts many times, yet she’s never seen this opening. Was this here before? She thought upon reaching the clearing and then pulled her phone out of her pocket to make sure she hadn’t stray from the trail despite having hike this trail day and night many times before.

Out of nowhere, a shimmering light began to appear. Quickly, she stepped back as the ground began to rise beneath her feet. What is happening?

In a burst of light, the portal sprang to life with a force that threw her back several hundred yards. Wide-eyed, she stared up at the portal, mesmerized by the light and muttered, “We ain’t in Kansas no more.”


10 thoughts on “What do you see # 170 – The Portal

  1. I have actually seen a portal. Only the ground didn’t move. It “spoke”. If you cone through, remember you cant come back. I was 3. I chose to stay. Weirdest moment ever.

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