WQ #4: Envelop or Envelope #Bloganuary

For this week’s Wednesday Quotes, Marsha is challenging us with the words envelop and envelope.

I, personally, often get mixed up between the words but I think it has a little to do with English being my second language or is it my third or forth language??? Do dialect count as a language if the written and spoken are completely different?

Anyway, after looking up the words in the dictionary, I now can tell between the two. Envelop is a verb, meaning to wrap, cover, or surround completely while envelope is a noun meaning a covering or containing structure or layer. Basically what we use to mail letters.

I’m going to stick with the word ENVELOP, meaning to wrap up or surround. Can I say enveloping someone in a tight hug?

I am going to double-dip here since the topic seem relevant with Day 24 of Bloganuary, which asks, How do you show love?

My answer is simple – envelop someone in a big hug. I think to be loved means to matter in someone else’s life and a hug is enough acknowledgement for me.

I’m going to close with this quote, which I hope it will provide a little uplift to your Thursday.

Wednesday Quote

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