Blogging Insights 3.0 #2 – How do you write?

This week’s Blogging Insights asks the question:

Do you write directly on a device? Are you old school, do you write on paper first? Do you re-draft? If so, how many times?

It depends.

If it’s for a blog post, I will type directly on my laptop. I’ve tried other methods over the years – type it using my phone, hand-write it using my phone’s keyboard but nothing is quicker and with less error than typing on a physical keyboard.

If it’s not for a blog post or a blog post I want to break into parts, then I will either write it in my notebook first before typing it in a Word document or I’ll type directly in a Word document. I think this mostly apply to the A-Z challenge, which I tend to finish early each year so I don’t panic in the last moment as my work life is overly busy so I try to write as many posts as I can in my spare time and then just schedule them to be posted later.

Do I re-draft?

Lately, I guess I have been re-drafting my flash-fiction pieces to be posted on my archive blog. As I click on each post and copy them over, I find myself reading and correcting some of the awkward grammar while asking myself, how in the world did I come up with that? It feel so strange yet thrilling to find these nuggets of surprise in my old posts because it gets me questioning my psyche when I wrote the piece.

12 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 3.0 #2 – How do you write?

  1. I love writing most things by hand and then when I am ready to publish something (or even want to publish it) I type! That way I can find/fix errors on the second go round.

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  2. I find I forget what I wrote yesterday. Sometimes people I know remember FB posts and I don’t. I still journal, but that’s personal spiritual work with notes to my children. Only one will read them and she will pass it on to a niece or nephew is or both. We all leave our marks whether in caves or in tombs, on stones and on steel. We are lucky to still have paper. If the grid is ever lost, libraries will be our google again.

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  3. I was old school at uni but definitely do my flash fiction directly on my phone. I then review for typos and grammar after I post. In my WordPress account I can always go back to previous versions and learn from this. Thanks for sharing your insights. + love your pic👏👏

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