#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 15 – 18: Short Answers

Okay, I know I have not been answering these. I have been going through a block of some sort. So I’m going to go through a few of the questions quick-answer-style.

Day 15: What fear have you conquered?

I don’t have many fears other than the fear of…darkness, falling, drowning, failing, heights, pain, and bugs. I recently developed claustrophobia and I feel I’m slowly working through it and conquering this fear. I tried to conquer my fear of drowning many years ago by teaching myself to swim but after so many years, I feel this fear might have returned. As for my other fears, I doubt I will ever conquer them. I guess I’ll just have to live with them.

Day 16: Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell?

In the last decade or so, I’ve been to Yellowstone five times and nearly every time, a quick stop to see the Mud volcano must be made. I hated that landmark because of the smell emanate from the mud volcano. Even from the parking lot, you can smell the sulfur.

About a week or two ago, I went into the backyard and drilled holes to aerate my compost bins. When I began drilling the bottom of the bins, liquid began leaking out the moment the drill bit broke through the plastic. The smell from the liquid brought me right back to Yellowstone. It was the same sulfuric smell coming from my compost bins because of the lack of oxygen.

Day 17: Describe the happiest day of your life.

It is very difficult to pick the happiest day of my life. There have been many days that can classify as a happy day but the happiest? Gee, I don’t know.

If I have to fantasize the happiest day, it would consist going out for a hearty breakfast before taking a drive somewhere. What can I say? I’m a simple person who craves the simple life.

Day 18: What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?

My favorite meal to cook and eat will always be either Mac n’ Cheese. Each time we go to a buffet, the first thing I would grab is Mac n’ Cheese. Even just a spoonful of that pasta with the rich gooey cheese sauce would satisfy me because I don’t want to be filling up on just Mac n’ Cheese. I want to be able to try other things.

The reason I don’t make it at home is because I don’t keep any cheese at home. I don’t get many opportunities to cook and when I do, it’s always breakfast. Therefore, the cheese I often buy with Mac n’ Cheese in mind will almost always become moldy in the fridge and would end up in the garbage.

The other reason is because every recipe calls for at least 8-ounces of pasta shells. That’s quite a lot of shells. I’ve made Mac n’ Cheese before and even with every meal being Mac n’ Cheese, it would take a few days to finish. I love Mac n’ Cheese and I want to keep loving it and not grow tired of it. So do you see why I would prefer getting Mac n’ Cheese in restaurants rather than making it at home?

5 thoughts on “#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 15 – 18: Short Answers

  1. You need a small dish. Put your pasta in that to measure it, then put it in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Make your cheese sauce with a teaspoon of cornflour and cup of milk in a pan. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and allow it to thicken stirring all the time so as not to burn or stick to the bottom. Add half of your grated cheese to suit your taste (I use mature cheddar for everything and for this I’d use about an inch and a half thickness) and stir. Turn off the heat. Drain your pasta which will now be soft and put it in your dish. Cover with the sauce and then put the remainder of your cheese on top. Garnish with tomatoes if you wish, then bake at about 180 C for 25 – 30 minutes or until bubbling and brown on the top.
    It’s Hubby’s favourite and one I made a lot. On the boat I just cooked the pasta, made the cheese sauce to pour over it, and then sprinkled cheese on the top. Either any good?

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