Sunday Poser #116 – Listen to Parents

As a child did you listened to your parents? Was mom/dad always right?

If you can, do share how it was for you when you were growing up; did you always listen to your parents and accepted their authority?

Hang on, was I ever a child?

I had about 7 years of childhood before it was robbed from me. I was forced to grow up much too soon. I had to learn to take the blame for others’ mistakes while trying not to break while others’ were trying to break me. I had to also learn to live with a constant spark of hope even though that spark is dim sometimes. It was not easy growing up, especially during the three years between mom leaving for the US and when I came to the U.S. but I think I am a stronger and more independent person as the result.

My aunts and uncles introduced so much fears and trauma into my life that I now have to live with it for the rest of my life. Sure, I have forgiven them but can I ever forget? I don’t think I can. Mom always says I only remember the negative things from my childhood. Unfortunately, when bad events overshadows the good, it leaves an imprint that can never be wiped clean.

Recently, Mom has been touting to her friends that I am the role model of someone who listened to her. She tells her friends because I listened to her, I have 2 degrees, a good job, a healthy saving, and a house. Inside, I was laughing. Look where that has gotten me?

Somehow, I feel like if I’ve done the opposite, I might had led a happier life, a life with more freedom, and perhaps more love. Sure, I might not have as much as I do now in monetary value but like the song says, “Money can’t buy happiness.”


14 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #116 – Listen to Parents

  1. Yinglan, you are an amazing young woman. Your past, people, and circumstances, have given you many opportunities for varied experiences and you have made wise decisions. Hold all these things dear to your heart. They are treasures. Turn your eyes to the positive so that you will not find yourself a grumpy old woman. I’m joking a bit. I’m sure there are younger people in your church or work groups whom you could help. Share your wisdom, and your skills like photography or gardening. You have so much

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    1. Unfortunately, about 90% of the young people at my church have moved away in the last few years, leaving all those old folks with their oxygen tanks occupying the aisles. I haven’t found anyone who share my passion other than on here.


  2. I wasn’t through but I was about to say I have loved your youthful spirit for all my blogging history. Thank you. When I look for something I want to re-blog, I always find Yinglan has read it. Thank you.

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  3. Adversity and doesn’t feel great, i don’t think it makes us stronger. I think it does make us more compassionate. I am glad you have your degrees and a house. I had to wait 70 years for my house and I am have no degrees. I think you are amazing and I enjoy your honesty here. That makes you brave too. So, hang about. Happy will find you it you sing it to you. Blessings. Love and Light.

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    1. Education isn’t for everybody, even with all the pushing for a college degree. Some people are just not cut out for school. I know I wasn’t but had to force myself to get through it.

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