#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 19 – 22

Day 19 of Bloganuary asks: What color describes your personality and why?

When my aunts used to take me shopping for clothes, they would get me all these bright, neon color clothes like orange or hot pink. They said I need to stand out even though I kept telling them I like dark color clothing because it makes me look slim.

As I get older, however, I’m starting to realize I like dark colors just about everything. So if I have to choose a color to describe my personality, I would choose the color lavender purple – somewhere between blue and purple. I would say this color describes me – somewhere in between and not belonging to any solid color – because I’ve never felt like I belong in my parents’ family. Probably always and forever a semi-outsider.

Day 20 of Bloganuary asks: What irritates you about the home you live in?

I don’t know whether you can call it a design fail or not. The main irritation about my current house is the bedrooms are much too small while the master bedroom is absolute giant. It’s unfair in my case because I’m the one paying all the bills, yet I’m living in one of the small bedroom while my mom is in the Master bedroom. And don’t say it’s because I’m a good daughter.

When we moved from the house next door, mom basically put everything in the same spot as her old house. She never consulted me about letting me have the master bedroom since this is my house. She just moved her bed in there.

After several years of constantly stubbing my toes walking around the tiny room, I had to get rid of my Queen-size bed and replaced it with a full-size, the next size down. Though that freed up a little bit of the space, the room is still small.

Day 21 of Bloganuary asks:Who is your favorite author and why?

I am not sure anymore. I’m not even sure what genre of books I like anymore, to be honest. I used to be a fan of James Patterson’s book because of the thrill but lately, I’m finding the thrill is no longer there and that the plots all feel the same – someone kills, detective investigates, and captures killer. I’m looking for something new, something different but at the moment, I’m focusing on reading books to help me improve my garden.

Day 22 of Bloganuary asks: “What was your dream job as a child?

Oddly enough, I didn’t have a specific dream job as a child maybe only for a brief time I wanted to be an astronaut but that faded as quickly as it came.

After that, I mostly dreamed myself in a business suit sitting in a corner office with a view. I must had dreamed myself to be a stock broker or an investment adviser or something because that’s exactly what it sounds like. I guess I knew myself well enough to know I would be working with money.

11 thoughts on “#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 19 – 22

  1. You have achieved much. I am happy that you honor your mother. It’s a blessing you bring to yourself. One day you will be glad you were a good daughter. My mother was outrageously complicated but I am am glad I kept honouring her until she died in my presences. She acted as though she hated me. Years later my sister informed me I was her favorite daughter. I wanted to vomit. I will now never know what she actually thought of me. While you have time try to listen to your mother’s work story. It might help. Best blessings.


    1. I don’t understand. How am I honoring my mother?
      As much as I try to be good, I want to be my own person, not a clone of someone else.
      I don’t think my mom ever told me a single story or maybe it’s all mixed and jumbled in her daily complaints.


      1. You honour your mother by putting up with her complaints. You honour her by making her proud of you. You honour her by letting her have the choice room. You bless her every day with just being alive. If I was had not raised my daughter’s to challenge me I may very well have insisted on living with them forever. I swear I suffer from separation anxiety when I don’t see them at least once a week. As I grow older and they grow older our visiting times grow less and less and its a monumental struggle for me not to phone them every day. I saw Last Chance Harvey movie and I am realized I had to stop phoning them. Motherhood is a hood and a half. So I hope you understand your mom a bit better. We would smother you for the love and of you if you let us. You must not let us. Honour, but don’t sacrifice your life, it is meant for living with joy.


    1. Thank you. You’re just about the only one who agrees around here. The others just wrote I need to be a good daughter. I don’t think being a good daughter entails giving up having a life and freedom to choose for the sake of a parent’s wants. And I don’t think it’s not just my mom who rarely think about others, her whole family is like that.

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      1. You’re welcome. You have a right to live your own life and not being dictated by your mom all the time. You’re a good daughter and you do have her living with you. But there should be some boundaries established. You s should work on that.

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