Hello February!

I don’t think I’ve ever welcomed the month of February before, at least I don’t remember doing it last year.

February has always been one of those months that I hope to pass by quickly because it’s still winter. The garden is still under snow and ice and it’s still too early to start all the fun stuff like zinnias, tomatoes, and herbs.

January was particularly difficult this year.

I was struggling through work, feeling sluggish and fatigue on a daily basis because of the constant gloomy skies and bad weather. It’s also been snowing relentlessly. Even when the meteorologist didn’t predict snow, there would be snow and no app nor news network could forecast when the snow would end.

Meanwhile, work has been…work. I struggled to get into my billing zone. Yes, I have a zone.

So many emails to deal with and so much to rebill. It’s not my fault that it got billed to the wrong places. I bill to the place listed on the report. It’s the downside of relying on the customer to update his/her affiliate agency.

I also struggled with motivation. Despite the plethora of writing prompts, I felt I suffered a writer’s block of some kind. I was having trouble writing especially flash fiction stories. I hope it’s just a temporary thing.

The only fun I had in January was driving 90 minutes to Wyoming. For the rest of the January, the only places I went during the weekends seem to be either the park or Chinatown. Mom insisted I go with her rather than staying at home. Chinatown is a 30-minute drive and it seemed she only ever go there to buy yams or sweet potatoes. I can never tell the difference.

I could’ve stayed home and cuddle with a good book on my tablet.

The most difficult part about these trips to Chinatown is when mom asks her sister and brother-in-law (BIL) to come along. I don’t particularly like them, especially BIL. I don’t know how to describe him but he’s like this ultra-sensitive man-lady. Any one word can offend him and he would go on a never-ending lecture or rant.

It’s why I always carry my wireless earbuds and stay quiet on these trips.

I spent the last few days once again worrying about my health. I have been waiting on the results of my recent bloodwork. I’m not used to waiting so long for them as they are usually ready on the same day or the day after.

I was mainly worrying about my glucose and cholesterol levels. I haven’t had my cholesterol checked in over 2 years. Everyone in the family was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and mom was also recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Thankfully, the results began trickle in last night – the last night of January – and both numbers are within normal range. Phew!

I’m looking forward to February this year. It’s seed starting season for cool-season crops – broccoli and other leafy greens. I enrolled myself in a gardening class and will be taking the day off work to learn all about the ways to make my garden productive. I’m also looking forward to the employee appreciation breakfast at work on Valentine’s Day.

It should be a fun month. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative this month.

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