#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 26 – 31

I’m going to skip Day 23 and 25 and perhaps a few more to finish the prompts.

Day 26 of Bloganuary asks: What language do you wish you could speak?

I don’t know how or why but I seem to have a knack at learning languages. I just need to focus, which, as I grow older, I seem to have difficulty of doing. Though I’m still learning English, looking up words while writing blog posts to make sure I’m using the word correctly, I could speak, listen, and read English after 6 months of coming to the U.S.

Before then, I spoke Mandarin, Cantonese, and my dialect. Though they all employ the same set of written characters, the grammar is completely different, so are the pronunciation of characters.

A language I do wish I can speak is Spanish. I could’ve taken Spanish as a foreign language course in high school but mom made me take the easy route – take Chinese as a foreign language. I ended up having to take Chinese twice because different states have different education standards and it wouldn’t accept the Chinese course I took at a community college. The course at community college was difficult, too, as I had to learn traditional Chinese characters, not the simplified characters, which I was used to.

I recently tried to learn Spanish, downloading and listening to Spanish learning podcasts and while it isn’t too difficult, I do wonder when do I actually use this stuff?

Day 27 of Bloganuary asks: What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

You are looking at a seasoned procrastinator here. I can’t tell you the pros but I can definitely tell you the major con, which is the anxiety and stress of rushing to complete the work prior to the deadline like how I am waiting until January 31 to finish all these writing prompts.

Day 28 of Bloganuary asks: “Describe your perfect Birthday Cake.”

I don’t think I will ever forget this cake. It was absolutely perfect. Not too sweet, creamy, and the fruit inside, yum.

Day 29 of Bloganuary asks: What is something you learned recently?

I’m sure I learn a lot of stuff everyday listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I cannot pinpoint one specific thing.

Day 30 of Bloganuary asks: What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

I’m not a fan of titling each chapters of anything whether it’d be a novel or my autobiography. The title puts too much expectations on the author to come up with a phrase or a few words to give the reader a clue to what the chapter is about. I think a good fitting title for the entire book would be better than racking one’s brain to come up with a title for each chapter.

Day 31 of Bloganuary asks: Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

Without a doubt, the best place to watch the sunset is on the Great Salt Lake.

9 thoughts on “#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 26 – 31

  1. I intentionally took Spanish as my easy out in college. I needed a foreign language credit, grew up speaking and reading English and Spanish, and was overloaded with my other classes. Easiest “A” I ever got in a class. 😁 I guess I cheated.

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