CFFC: Smiles

You probably won’t find me smiling like this these days. In fact, I don’t really allow others to take photos of me anymore because of my missing teeth. If they insist on take my picture, my mouth will look like that of most of the portraits of George Washington – closed and flat-lipped. It’s a gnarly situation and something I don’t know when it will be fixed.

This is a smile, right? I made him with yarn, crochet hook, and a plastic needle and I can always count on this fella to make me feel better. Doesn’t that apply to all handmade things?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

9 thoughts on “CFFC: Smiles

  1. Oh dear so sorry to hear. Such a drama. Know my cousin had several knocked out in a car accident. My friend said that the government had a special deal going if she qualified. She managed to get dentures to cover it and is smiling away.

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