WQ #5: Chilly, Icy, and Snowy

It’s been beyond chilly here lately. Temperatures were in the single-digits at the start of the week and I’m talking about single-digits Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Not to mention there was a wind chill warning. Add on the wind chill and that single digit automatically drop to the other side of zero.

When I headed out for my walk on Tuesday high noon, I had to pull on an extra pair of pants, wrap my handmade scarf tight around my neck, put on running gloves, and my woolen hat. Even then, I could feel the chilly air attempt to invade my triple-layer of clothing.

I was not expecting to take a walk on Wednesday when I headed to the office but there was a check that needed to be deposited by a bank teller. Thankfully, the temperature was starting to warm back into the 20’s. When I walked by the fountain, I did a double take. The sides were full of ice. I was actually surprised water was streaming given its temperature.

Everything looks magical when it snows.

Lorelai Gilmore.

Yesterday – Thursday – was much warmer. I was actually sweating through my woolen hat as I was walking in the park and it was still in the high 20’s. You can see the haze has begun to set in the background, meaning the air quality will be poor the coming days.

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to snow. I love it when it’s fresh, fluffy, and white while I hate it when it’s wet, slushy, and I must drive in it. Standing there in the park, it reminded me why I love the snow and went out to walk in the first place.

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.


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8 thoughts on “WQ #5: Chilly, Icy, and Snowy

    1. That was a chilly day – February 1. We had a wind chill warning the day before when the temperature fell to 2-degrees-Fahrenheit. That day was only slightly warmer at around 10-degrees.

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