#WeekendCoffeeShare – Busy Day Off

Good morning! Thank you for joining me on this February Saturday for drink of something hot (or cold, your choice) and a chat.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If we were having coffee, I would tell you this was a 4-day work week for me because I have decided to take Thursday off. I just really needed a break from work and Thursday felt like the day. Of course, I didn’t decide that at the last minute. I actually submitted the paid time off about 2 weeks ago.

Despite being off from work, the day felt more stressful than work. I felt like there’s an expectation that there are a lot of things I must get done before mom got home from her day at the office.

I was woken up from the sound of mom trying to close the garage door. Sometimes, when it gets too cold, the garage door has trouble closing. It would close to a certain point before springing open again. My bedroom is directly above the garage door, so imagine the loud rattle that woke me up at 5 AM on my day off.

I slept for almost 3 more hours before I woke up, got dressed, and began gathering supplies from the garage to begin my indoor seed starting. It took me almost 2 hours to sow 45 plants, mostly because I was cleaning as I went. I sowed broccoli and peppers along flowers and herbs that called for 8-10 weeks of indoor growing before transplanting outside. Meanwhile, the broccoli should be ready to transplant in about 4-6 weeks.

All the while, I was attending the gardening class I signed up online 2 weeks back. Though the class was informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the content, I didn’t pick up anything I don’t already know. The class was designed for beginners. The information was probably useful 2 summers ago but not anymore. In the end, I was glad it was free because I’m not sure I would pay for information I already know.

After the class and indoor seed starting, it was time for my braces appointment. The appointment was surprisingly quick – only 15 minutes and I was back in my car. I decided to take the long way home from the orthodontist appointment, wanted to stop by the pond I haven’t visited in over 3 years to see the Canadian Geese. Unfortunately, the pond was under construction and wouldn’t let anyone in. I saw lots of geese and ducks from the road, just wish there was parking so I could get some pictures.

I treated myself to lunch because I thought, why not live a little? There’s a ramen shop nearby I wanted to try for a long time. Unlike the other ramen shops in my area, which I’ve tried in the past, this isn’t a sit-down restaurant. Everything is packed in takeout container and you can either dine-in or to-go. I tried the Tonkatsu and thought the broth was best part. I love any broth that’s a milky color because, for some reason, it signifies that it has lots of flavor.

After lunch, before my appointment to get my car serviced, I had to go deal with my internet provider again. A month ago, I went and got my TV service canceled. When I checked my bill the night before, I found out the TV service was still on there. The only thing taken out was the rental of the TV box. Why am I still paying for a service I can no longer use?

Thankfully, the guy at the store got my problem taken care of and my bill is now even lower than before. Overall, I was glad I got everything I needed to get done on my day off completed.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Natalie of Natalie the Explorer. I appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you back here next weekend.

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Busy Day Off

    1. Hi Gary, I’ll admit that as relaxing as gardening is, indoor seed starting is the opposite of relaxing because I have to make sure I don’t make a mess and I tend to be clumsy when it comes to filling pots with soil. I’m still about a month and a half away from being able to garden outside again, or two depending on how fast it takes the ice and snow to melt. Thankfully, I don’t have rodents in my garden though I did see a gigantic squirrel a few days ago.


    1. It does feel short, doesn’t it?
      It depends on what you’re trying to grow. I think the only exceptions are tomatoes and peppers, which like to germinate at 80-90 F, most should germinate at around room temperature (about 70 F).


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