Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #236: East Meets West, North Meets South

Happy Sunday! This week, Amy from The World is a Book… leads Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #236 with a peculiar topic – East meets West, North meets South.

North Meets South: Landscape

When most people visit my home state of Utah, they will usually visit the south, not the northern part of the state because all 5 National parks (also known as the Mighty 5) are located in the southern half of the state. I’ve lived in Utah for almost 16 years and every time I get the chance to travel south, I’m in awe of the landscapes along the way.

In the north, we don’t have red rocks like the south. We have mountains full of spruce, aspens, and greenery, unlike the desertscapes of the south. The thing that always surprises me is the change of landscape has always felt sudden to me. I don’t know whether it’s because I wasn’t paying close attention or I have become bored but it always felt like a turn around a corner can reveal a complete change in landscape.

East Meets West: Bodies of Water

The below picture is a lake or a reservoir of water near Santa Barbara, California. I took this picture when I visited there in June 2019. Maybe I was once again not paying attention but I don’t think I’ve noticed many reservoirs when I traveled to the east coast a few months ago. I think I encountered quite a few rivers though – Susquehanna River and Delaware River.

East Meets West: Food

My final combination is that of food. Though these were sushi I found in China and no doubt they’re different than the traditional sushi found in Japan, they were still different than those I’ve had in the U.S.

When I knew I would be in China for 4 months in 2017, I knew I wanted some authentic Chinese food and from my experience of growing up in China, I knew I could only get those foods at the small mom and pop shops. Those shops had the best foods at an affordable price.

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #236: East Meets West, North Meets South

  1. Excellent take on, Yinglan! How wonderful to learn the landscape differences of the north and south of Utah. Love your beautiful images of the Bodies of Water. Delicious food through your photos, that reminded me our trip to China, we really enjoyed those authentic Chinese food in different cities and towns.

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  2. I love the direction you have taken with this challenge, Yinglan. Utah, never disappoints , and you are right, so many think Utah is about the Big 5, and the whole state is breathtaking. When I lived in Yellowstone, I would tell people to fly into Salt Lake City and drive just so they could see the vast differences in scenery. And… mom and pop places are always the best no matter where in the world. Great post!

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    1. Thank you. I think the most beautiful places in Utah are located either the northeast corner by Evanston, WY or the south. Maybe I’ve just lived here for too long but I tend to head toward the eastern part of the state when I seek nature.

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