#SundayStills: Monthly Color Challenge: #Red

I might had mentioned in a past post that I am not a fan of the color red. I feel the color doesn’t fit me at all. So when I planned my garden last year, I did not plan to plant red flowers. These red flowers were accidents, it’s what I get for buying blended seeds, you never know what color flower a seed will give you. However, I am going to plant more red flowers this year after learning hummingbirds are attracted to the color red as well as many beneficial insects.

I am looking forward to growing scarlet runner beans, pansies, and a zinnia blend called “Fireball” this year as well as a poppy called “Mikado” with lots of red blooms for the pollinators.

Here are some red fruit/vegetables I hope to grow more this year. I’m actually moving away from growing red cherry tomatoes this year. The only kind of red cherry tomatoes I will grow this year will be the kind showing in the photo – Cherry Falls. I feel red cherry tomatoes are so passe. I bought some new seeds, which I will be trying this year – indigo rose and suncherry.

Indigo rose is a dark purple variety of cherry tomatoes, created for its antioxidant, might as well grow something that benefits health. Suncherry is a Japanese yellow variety. I hope it’ll work out like I’ve planned.

Finally, here are some random snapshots that feature the color red.


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