10 Years, 2 Name Changes, and more than 4000 Posts Later…

It turned out I remembered the date wrong (I’m 10 days late) but what the hey, it’s my blog’s 10-year anniversary.

This blog was born on February 3, 2013 under the name, “My Random Blog”. My early notion for the blog was to share food recipes and other interesting stuff about food because I was somewhat obsessed with food back then.

My first post was a speech I wrote for Toastmaster about the influence of culture on food. It was quite an informative post, something I now imagine is outside my realm.

My second post was my first post with my own photo. One of my neighbors built a giant snow dog in their front yard and I took a picture of that. I thought it was quite cute.

My third post was about the Chinese delicacy – “角子(jiao zi)”. My aunt came during the Chinese New Year holiday and we went to see the bald eagles. That was my first and last time to see the great bird. I’ve been wanting to go and see the bald eagle year after year but never got the chance. They are usually here early February.

For the next year and a half, I continued to find my rhythm while building up a following. I didn’t start getting more readers until I joined the Daily Prompt community, posting daily to the prompt provided by WordPress. It was there I found my community, a lot of other like-minded people. I began participating in other prompts instead of racking my brain for original materials it somehow became my rhythm.

I don’t really remember when the first name change happened. I like to say it might had been 2014 or 2015 when the name of the blog was changed to The Simple Life. It was at the point when I thought my life had become too complicated. There were so many things going on – school, multiple jobs, mom, my struggle with mental health, etc. I wanted to embrace minimalism but not under mom’s control.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember when I made the second name change either to This is Another Story. My media library told me 2016. Maybe… What a blog parent I am!? Can’t even remember when I changed my child’s name.

Anyway, I want to thank you for hanging with me in the last decade. You make my day daily with your likes and comments. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and getting to read your thoughts. I enjoyed the weekly reflections with #weekendcoffeeshares and letting my frequently caged imagination roam free with the flash fiction challenges. I hope to continue writing and blogging for the foreseeable future, at least until either an unfortunate apocalypse or I can’t.

26 thoughts on “10 Years, 2 Name Changes, and more than 4000 Posts Later…

  1. Congratulations on blogging for 10 years! I can’t remember when I found your blog, but I’m glad I did, and continue to enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos. May you continue to have fun blogging. 🙂

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