Share Your World – Week of February 13, 2023

If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose and why?

When I first began school in the U.S., my teachers had a difficult time pronouncing my name, which prompted me to think about changing my name into an English name. I didn’t have a long list when it came to choices, at the top of my list were Carol, Carolina, Caterina, and April. I don’t know what’s up with me and the letter C.

Growing up among boys, I became somewhat of a Tom boy, so I wanted a gender-neutral name, nothing too girly. I also thought about the name, Toni. I tried out every one of those names but none of those felt like me. When it came time for me to become an official citizen of the U.S., I chickened out into having my name changed. I was afraid of any regrets afterwards.

In 2017, I got my first accounting job with a company run by a group of Chinese man. The first thing they wanted me to do was to get an English name because despite they had no problem pronouncing my name, they said I should have an English name to show that I’m in America. What a load of BS!

I ended up going with April, a name I’ve developed so much hatred by the time I quit the job despite the bosses’ objection to my resignation. He said no when I said I quit. So if I can rename myself, I will still keep my current name because none of those other names fit my personality the way my birth name does.

If you were tasked with naming a new star, what would you name it and why?

I would name the star TTLS-500, stands for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. The “500” at the end just makes the name sound more scientific.

If you were a story/comic book hero, what would your name be and why?

I have written so many stories with strong female lead but, for some reason, I just can’t seem to come up with any good names for my characters. In one of my memorable stories, my lead characters were twin sisters named Carolina and Dakota. In another version, they were Autumn and Summer. It’s so hard to pick a suitable name for a character especially if that character is the hero. I think I would go with… Summer because why not? I like summer and it sounds like a good name for a good person.

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

I agree with most of the other bloggers – cats. If you ever watch the series Sabrina – the Teenage Witch, a sitcom from the late 90’s, you’d know why I picked cats.

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