Saturday Mix #StoryStarter – The Tunnel in the Dream

Photo by Bradley Dunn on Unsplash

Motionless, she stood gazing down the tunnel. The path extended as far as the eye could see, encased by walls of grimy bricks.

“A-anton?” She said, lips quivering, “is that you?” At the other end of the tunnel stood a shadow of a man, he, too, was motionless. “Anton?” She called again. Feeling courageous, she took a step forward. “I’m here, baby. Please answer me if you’re still in there.”

Suddenly, a hiss echoed from the other end of the tunnel. It came from Anton but it wasn’t Anton. “Anton?” She froze in her tracks as a low rumble erupted around her followed by a ear-splitting scream. She instantaneously clapped her hands over ears as she witnessed something that filled her with disbelief – a great ball of fire coming out of Anton’s mouth.

In her dark bedroom, she sprang into a sitting position, sweat and possibly tears dotted her face. “Anton,” she muttered her missing husband’s name and wondered if the dream just told her where he was.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix #StoryStarter

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