#SundayStills: #Birds

This is my one and only photo of a bald eagle, taken 10 years ago at the Great Salt Lake. I have no idea where this was located as the lake is huge. I tried to find the location again in 2019 with no luck and with the pandemic these last few years and work and life being busy, I haven’t had time to search for the bald eagle again.

Seeing that February 3 was Feed the Birds Day got me thinking about these little guys again. I tore down this birdhouse – which came with my current home – 2 years ago and seeing all those pictures of a bird feeder on Terri’s #SundayStill post got me thinking about putting a bird feeder of my own this year. Maybe that will distract the birds enough to stay away from my berries?

I believe this was a hawk. I shot this photo on my solo trip into the mountains last summer to try my new all-in-one lens for the first time. This guy was just circling the sky above me, just enjoying the cool high-elevation summer breeze. With the lens zoomed all the way, I tried to focus but it was difficult as it was a moving target and I don’t have enough practice to photograph moving objects. So if you’re wondering why it’s so blurry, that’s why.

My fourth and final bird picture is perhaps one of my all-time favorites. This was the opposite of the last photo. This bird was standing still as I photographed it using the same lens. What a difference it made! This proves I definitely need practice with action photography.

8 thoughts on “#SundayStills: #Birds

  1. Great shots of the various birds, Yinglan! That last seagull image is truly beautiful! I believe that the second to last image is a Turkey Vulture seen all over the Western US. The feathers at the end of their wings are a tell-tale sign–we see a lot here in Eastern Washington and when I lived in Northern California. I hear you about the dizzying effects of trying to photograph a bird in flight above our heads. I try to anchor myself against something when possible and move the zoom lens in and out and just click away 🙂

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    1. Turkey vulture, I had to look that up. Interesting because I recall it’s got a white head and yellow beak.
      It was such a rare thing to get to see such a large bird swirling in the sky.
      Haha, anchoring was definitely needed as I was standing near a cliff. I was so afraid that a light breeze would blow me over. 😀

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