What do you see # 175- How it used to be

Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash

Note: this is 100% fiction

Dear Sam,

What happened to us? What happened that made you hate me so much? What happened to best friends forever?

I’m sitting here flipping through the family album, revisiting all the great time we had together. Remember this picture? Remember when you were so startled when you heard the click of the camera? We weren’t even facing the camera. Mom thought we were so cute.

Oh Sam, I miss you and wish you would visit me. I’m getting old and lonely. The days are getting longer and my memories are quickly fading. I’m afraid soon, I’ll forget you as the disease consumes me. I don’t want to live as an empty shell. I can’t. I refuse to live in a world without you, my little brother (you will always be little to me).

Please forgive me for whatever I’ve done to make you despise me. I hope this picture will remind you how we used to be.

Your big sister,



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