#SundayStills: Monthly Color Challenge – #Green in the Garden

It’s been a long and rough winter, I tell ya.

I can’t tell you when I have ever been so excited for Daylight Saving than this year. Daylight Saving has always meant that I would, theoretically, lose an hour of sleep until we fall back but this year, it stood for something different. It meant spring is on its way and winter is retreating back to its den.

We had another rain/snow event on Sunday morning. When it was reduced to a light drizzle, I went out to the garden with my camera and long lens. I was not about to dirty my clothes by leaning against wet soil just to get some pictures. I actually saw these started to peek from the soil the day before but forget to grab the camera. They must had grown an inch overnight!

I don’t know what they are other than it’s the bulbs I planted in the Fall of 2021. They are either hyacinth or crocus, both are supposedly early-risers. Mom wondered if they are daffodils but I can’t recall planting any daffodils in the backyard. Hmm… I guess we’ll see.

My strawberries are awake! At least I hope because that bright green leaf in the middle looks new. After ripping out my strawberry bed in the summer of 2020 to put in drip irrigation, I have been trying to replant strawberries since then with little to no success. They always die on me.

To be honest, I had no clue what I was doing when I planted strawberries the first time in 2018 along the back fence. I had no idea strawberries are so invasive, that their runners would root whenever and wherever they touch soil. 2 years later, they were everywhere with no strawberries because the birds always got them before I could get to them.

I had a few strawberries last year after putting in some new plants. One of them rooted like crazy and produced around 8 viable runners. I just hope they will continue providing me fruit this year and that the harsh winter didn’t kill them.


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