#WeekendCoffeeShare – Spring Weather and Instant Regrets

Good morning! Welcome to #WeekendCoffeeShare, thank you for joining me on this surprisingly beautiful spring morning.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you spring has at last decided to show its face around here. After dumping another foot of snow between Monday and Wednesday, Mother Nature perhaps finally realized we’ve been punished enough. The temperature is on the rise for the next 7 days. Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of pondering on what to do with us next.

If you ask me, I’d say I’m tired of the snow and the cold. Two nights ago, when the temperature dropped into the teens-Fahrenheit, it killed my sage seedlings and bok choy seedlings. I brought those outside more than a week ago and kept those under 2 layers of frost clothing. The sage leaves turned black and that meant there’s no going back. Here I thought sage is supposed to be cold hardy down to zone 4 and I am in zone 5, which it’s warmer than zone 4.

This week has been another week at work being month-end. I worked almost 37 hours in 4 days and by Friday, I was saying, “That’s it,” I couldn’t work one more hour. So I told my manager I’m getting off at 11 AM and taking the rest of the day off while warned my mom not to call me lazy for not wanting to do overtime this week. “I never called you lazy.” She said. Oh yeah???

If we were having coffee, I would ask, have you ever done something that instantaneously left you feeling regretful afterwards?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post before, we cut off communication with mom’s sister and brother-in-law in the middle of March after her BIL threw a temper tantrum in the car ride home. Basically, he thought mom was a spy and had been telling her brother his secrets. What a paranoid SOB!

I kept their numbers blocked until my aunt came over one day and made me feel bad. So I unblocked her number because after all, no one would help her but me. Ugh, what a terrible flaw to have! Being nice.

Last Sunday, while mom and I were out and about, my aunt called, needing me to do a quick check on her tax return as I’m the one who’s been doing everyone’s taxes for the last 4 years. I said I would pop over later that day but on the way home, Mom said, “You are not to help them. They need to go find another person other than my daughter.”

All week long, a part of me kept saying, “you promised you’d help them,” while another part of me kept saying, “these people only think of you when they need something from you. F*** them.”


On Thursday, I finally couldn’t stand the voices bickering in my head. I texted my aunt early morning, after mom left for the office, that if she still needed my help with her taxes, she should come over before noon. Right after I sent that text, I wanted to immediately recall the text. Undo, undo, undo!!!

It was too late. She texted back, “Okay.” Suddenly, I felt like that person at the Thanksgiving table that passes the gravy – the middle person.

She didn’t get here until near noon and for some reason, she brought her husband along. The whole time he was here, he was mumbling incoherently in a language I couldn’t understand. It got on my nerves and I constantly had to tell myself to breathe.

Quickly, I check their taxes to make sure all the data was entered correctly and let them know what they needed to do next. It was fairly painless. In the end, I got $20 out of it but I sure had regrets.

If we were having coffee, you might have noticed I’ve written less about my mom lately. After she sold her house in early March and got a healthy chunk of cash, she became nice, like the mother I knew when I was five, before she immigrated to the US. Of course, she’s still controlled when I went out but it’s been strange. She hadn’t made me want to pull my hair out and we haven’t had many fights in the month of March.

Who would’ve thought, she’s now happier because of that healthy chunk of cash. Money does buy happiness!

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Natalie of Natalie the Explorer. I appreciate you stopping by. Until next we chat. 🙂

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Spring Weather and Instant Regrets

  1. Hi YIngLan,
    It’s rarely easy being the only adult in the room, but to whom much is give, much is expected. Our reward is often only the knowledge that we’d rather be nice and taken for granted instead of needy and exploitative without even knowing it.
    Your endurance never ceases to amaze me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lol money buys happiness…maybe…why did your mom sell her house? Maybe you’re also united in not communicating with your aunt and husband? Anyways here’s to family peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were too many problems associated with that house. Maybe it has to do with being empty and she wasn’t willing to move into it.
      Hmm… I’m not sure if that had anything to do with that but I’m glad for that. I’ve been telling her for years my aunt’s husband wasn’t the person to be close with. I lived with him for three years and had to constantly tiptoe around him because any little thing can set him off.
      Anyway, absolutely, yes to family peace.


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