#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Kitty

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Warning: Adult Language!

Please note this is fiction!

Sitting in one of those hard plastic chairs outside the nurse’s office, I seethe with anger. I can’t believe that bitch Leslie sabotaged me. She told those mercenary pals of hers to trip me during my audition dance routine so I wouldn’t make the dance team this year. “Ow!” I shriek as I feel a stab of pain in my sprained ankle.

“Are you okay?” Nurse Stacy pokes her out of her office.

“Yeah,” I answer, “Just a little pain.”

I can’t believe this. After working so hard at fat camp all summer just for a shot on the dance team, my hope is shattered by one honey-blond bitch.

Suddenly, there’s a loud bang as the door at the end of the corridor swings open. A boy – probably a senior – with bulging muscle is carrying a large girl in his arm. I used to be her before I lost 100 pounds over the summer after enduring a regimen of strict diet and rigorous exercise.

“My goodness, what happened?” Nurse Stacy asks.

“She fainted during PE.” Another girl, similar in physique, answers and from the sound of her voice, I recognize her at once.


“Kitty?” Payton blinks as doing a double take. “W-wow, you look…”

The corners of my mouth twist up in a wide smile. Finally, someone is acknowledging my fabulous new body. “Thanks. So, what’s wrong with your friend?”

“I don’t know,” she squeaks, “one minute we are trying to finish jogging the mile and the next, she’s on the ground unresponsive.”

“Oh dear,” Nurse Stacy’s worrying tone catches both of our attention, “I think we better get an ambulance.”

Theme: A Day in School

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