CBWC: Back of Things

I must admit that I quite enjoyed editing these and turning them black and white. I find that once I find a black and white profile I like in Lightroom, I’d know immediately how to edit the photos.

Like the first photo, the moment I took away its colors, all the details of the bison revealed itself like the wrinkly skin and the somewhat unamused look on bison lying on the grass. Meanwhile the second photo told a different story, instead of highlighting the bison, I chose to highlight the plume of dust resulted in the bison stomping on the ground.

Meanwhile, here are some black and whites from the gardens of yesteryears because as of yesterday, my garden is still barely in the budding stage as the temperatures struggle to reach average for this time of the year. So, no blossoms of 2023 yet.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge

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