#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Sword

Photo by Quenani Leal on Pexels.com

Please note this is fiction!

“Yo, ‘sup I’m Sword.” I say to my new locker neighbor.

“Did your parents messed up your name, too?” New locker neighbor groans.

“What? No.” I scoff. “Sword is just what everyone calls me around here.” He nods. “What is your name?”

“Able,” the kid says, or is it Abel like in the Bible?

“So why did you think my parents messed up my name?”

“Because they messed up mine.” He shows me his class schedule, at the top of the half-sheet is his name, “Avila, Abell.” I put my hand over my mouth, stifling the laugh that is bubbling in my throat.

“What’s with the double L’s?” He shrugs. “That’s really messed up. Did they think about that when they named you? Of all the people who will call you A-bell?”

“They said they don’t remember.” He sighs. “I have Honors History next before second lunch, time for another roll call.”

I watch him slam his locker shut and proceed down the corridor, dragging one foot after another like he has a ton of bricks behind him. The whole reason I go by Sword is because I don’t like the name – Samantha. It’s much too ordinary and boring and doesn’t fit me one bit. The only reason I started going by Sword is because of middle school debate when I somehow became the best debater the school has seen in decades. “People go to battlefields with weapons, you go with words. Words are sort of like your medieval sword.”

Should I be grateful I have an ordinary name like Samantha rather than go by something that can cut people in half?

Theme: A Day in School

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