Sunday Poser #129 – The Weekends

Do you like to relax at home on the weekends or go out?

As much as I’d like to relax on the weekends, I can’t as I have so much that I need to get done, especially things I cannot get done during the week. I have been spending the last few weekends cleaning up the garden, planting, and setting up drip irrigation so my garden will be adequately watered during the two weeks when I go on vacation next month.

I think the only time I actually relax at home on the weekends is during those days when it’s either snowing or raining and during the summer, I actually crave those days because a rainstorm would mean I get a respite from the heat.

When I do get to relax at home, I like to watch old TV shows and movies, and by old, I don’t mean like black and white even though it is a possibility, I mean from the late 90’s or early 2000’s. I also like to crochet and edit past photos to pass the time.

If the day is nice and I get the chance to go out, then I would like go out than stay at home.


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