Sunday Poser #133 – New vs. Old Ways

Do you prefer old ways or new technology in your day to day life?

By old ways I mean using a wristwatch, using a diary to keep appointments, or a calendar hanging on the wall to note events that you’d like to remember.

What do you prefer in your daily life? High tech gadgets keeping a record of your routine or you like to do it manually?

I have never been a good notetaker nor have I ever been good at noting upcoming appointments on the calendar until in the recent years after I started working from home. I started putting my appointments on my work’s Outlook calendar, not because I fear I’d forget but putting the appointments on my work calendar will show me as Out of the Office during my appointment times so people knows I’m no in.

I didn’t start wearing a wristwatch until I moved to the US. My first wristwatch was a Minnie Mouse analog watch. Slowly, that watch became a digital watch and eventually, the watch became a Fitbit (fitness tracker). I am health-conscious due to my numerous health problems, therefore, having a watch that can track my heart rate is helpful.

I would say I use a mix of new and old technology in my day to day life. For example, I still keep a calendar on my desk, noting the important planting dates and dates to look forward to. Meanwhile, I have grown to prefer new technology in the recent years like telling Google or Alexa to turn on and off the lights and telling Google to remind me of stuff on the spot since I am now prone to forget things.


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