UK Trip Day 10

It’s another down day as we spent another day at mom’s friends’ house. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired, spending the day on the couch, cycling between editing pictures, blogging, and napping.

It turned out mom’s friends are lovers of nature as well. They took us to the town of Hawkley this morning after showing us their allotment garden. In the UK, most people garden in allotment, which they have to wait years to get (according to a podcast I listen to). The things he grows are similar to what I grow in mine with the exception of few extra things like rhubarb, broad-beans, and gooseberries. It made me wonder what my garden will look like when I get home in 2 days.

Anyway, according to him, there’s a place in Hawkley where garlic flowers each May. It’s the place he would take anyone visiting during that time. I don’t know whether these are garlic flowers since I’ve never grown and will never grow garlic due to my mom’s dislike for the vegetable but they sure look beautiful.

The road to Hawkley was narrow and curvy, not the kind of road I would ever dare to drive although I would imagine I can learn and adapt. I was impressed by how skillful he managed to maneuver this road and was glad I wasn’t sitting behind the driver because I would’ve had flashbacks over and over of my accident from last year.

Anyway, we will be heading back to London early tomorrow morning for a quick second visit to the British Museum. Mom wanted to see a special exhibit that started on the 18th of May. Then, we’ll head home on the 25th.

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