Writing 101: Be Brief

The prompt for Day 5 of Writing 101 have us write about an encounter when we stumble upon a letter. Please note that this is completely fiction. Continue reading “Writing 101: Be Brief”

Writing 101: Serially Lost

Create-a-Better-Life-Through-Self-Reflection-and-MindfulnessWhen the assignment said to write about loss, I seriously couldn’t think of a thing. I was going to go full fiction but something came to me at the last second. I hope this is not too sad. Thanks for reading. Continue reading “Writing 101: Serially Lost”

Writing 101: Commit to Writing Practice

It took me two days but I finally come up with three songs. These three songs are not the most important, as stated in the exercise but they do have significant importance. Continue reading “Writing 101: Commit to Writing Practice”

Writing 101: A Room with a View

Window With A View_1Day two of Writing 101 is asking us to tell about a place we would go if we can zoom through space. Continue reading “Writing 101: A Room with a View”

Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

This is my first time taking Writing 101 and the first task is to free-write for 20 minutes. Okay, I can do that. Continue reading “Writing 101: Unlock the Mind”