Friday Fictioneers: After the Storm

PHOTO PROMPT © Krista Strutz

His paddle-board is all he had left. His house, car, and belongings, all gone when the 40-foot tsunami-wave came. He somehow survived by holding onto the paddle-board.

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Friday Fictioneers: The Fire That Took Her

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

A follow-up to this story

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Friday Fictioneers: The Search

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

In the last moments of his life, Dad told me something that changed my life forever. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: The Search”

Friday Fictioneers: A year after…

PHOTO PROMPT © Victor and Sarah Potter

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Day of Destruction

©A Mixed Bag 2009

It was six decades ago when humans invaded my village. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Day of Destruction”

Friday Fictioneers: New Beginning

PHOTO PROMPT © Lucy Fridkin

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