#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I am an Underdog

Some people are meant to lead. Some are meant to follow. I am and have always been a follower aka an underdog. I wrote about this in this 2016 post and nothing will ever change that, not my mom, not my aunt, not even Toastmasters.

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Storytelling Speech: Tell Tale Heart – My Interpretation

Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

I had originally planned to present this story at Toastmasters (a club to practice public speaking) last October but I was so busy at the time that I couldn’t get it written in time. It’s my take on one of my favorite Edgar Allen Poe’s short-stories which I think it was perfect for Halloween.  Continue reading “Storytelling Speech: Tell Tale Heart – My Interpretation”

Three Years, Three Months, Twenty Days

As I mentioned in a post last week, I am posting my new speech which I have written for Toastmaster today. This is the speech I’m set to present today. Wish me luck and hope you enjoy this semi-fictional story. Continue reading “Three Years, Three Months, Twenty Days”