Truth, Lies, Assumptions, and Conclusion

Today’s Prompt asks: Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

band-quotes-5There has been a lot of prompts on the topic of the truth. Why is that? Are the people writing these prompts obsessed about the truth or something? Or do they just want to know how many of us enforce the policy of truth-telling on a daily basis?

Yes, I lie on a daily basis. Mom asks me, “what do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know.” You really want to know what I want to eat? Fast food, hamburgers, pasta with Alfredo sauce anything but rice, pork, and seafood.

When I lived with my step-dad, I often run into this situation:

Me: Can I watch TV?
Step-dad: Have you finished your homework?
Me: Yes (I have just a little more to do but my favorite show will come on, I’ll do that later)
Step-dad: Okie.

See what I mean? Sometimes a little white lie doesn’t hurt. A little truth doesn’t hurt either but when you go all out with truth, then it will hurt. So yes, it is totally possible to be too honest. I call that kind of truth: the hurtful truth, the kind of truth that hurts people and that’s all I know. See related posts for more.

I am feeling super annoyed and irritated this morning. Mom’s home from work and she’s not going to work until the 8th.

Ah, that’s why, some of you frequent readers will say but the fact is that it’s so much more.

Today is the first which means my work is starting once again. That means I have to organize my desk so I will have room to put my other computer. That means I will have to put just about everything aside and focus on work. It also means competition because mom will be checking how much I get done and compare me to her. It’s always about competition with her. I wish for once, I can just go at my own pace.

Yesterday, she brought up that my friend, the one I went to her graduation on Saturday, passed the GRE and is now studying for the GMAT. I knew where she was going with this conversation but still I have no choice but to let it play out.

“You paid $600 for the class,” she said, “so you have to do better than her.” Before I could say anything, she continued, “It’s not just that, you’ve been here longer than she has. Your English should be better.”

“I don’t want to compete with anyone,” I said with frustration.

“I don’t want to either,” she said. Then why are you comparing me to her? I feel like the complete sentence should be “I don’t want to either but I have to.” Because everyone you compare me to, I am never the good one. I’m always the stupid one, the impatient one, the inflexible one. Am I even better than anyone out there?

What made me more angry was all the assumptions.

“You’ve been here since you were ten, your English should be better.” Not true, not if you’re speaking to me in Chinese and not if my job emphasizes on the fact that I have to know Chinese to perform the task.

Students in China preparing for College Entrance Exam

“You paid $600 for the class, so you have to do better than her.” Also not necessarily true. Do you know how many hours students in China spend training to take tests?

Don’t know? Me neither but it’s certainly a big number. I’ve gone to school there and I can tell you, a lot. Even in elementary school, we spent two hours everyday just on training to take the final exam. Those hours increase when you get to middle school and high school. My friend didn’t come to the U.S. until high school. So you can imagine how much training she has on taking tests. A lot. So her test-taking strategies should be better than me.

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