Memories: Last Two Days

Today’s prompt: Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

originalI think the recent and vivid ones are definitely better than those over time because, at least in my opinion, memories change over time. So it might not be the same after, say, a year. Overall though, memories never actually fade.

Speaking of memories, the last two days have been horrible and I would never in a million years want to re-live it again.

We have four bathrooms. Yes, two people, four toilets, ridiculous, right? Anyway, one of them started leaking somewhere and mom had to open and shut the valve every time she uses it. I don’t know why she can’t just use the one in her room. It’s just up the stairs.

It’s been happening for a while, months in fact. On Wednesday, she decided to repair it. Of course, she didn’t know how and didn’t want to call the plumber. So she fudged around the valves and figured out it was the water valve. She tried fixing it on her own but couldn’t. As always, she enlisted me for help because she thinks I’m an engineer and know how to fix anything. I had to remind her once again that an engineer is not a handyman.

Since I couldn’t help, she enlisted our neighbor two houses down. They were happy to help but something occurred. They accidentally moved the toilet and caused another leak to sprout from beneath the toilet. Mom thought it was the water tank.

She spent yesterday afternoon trying to separate the water tank from the toilet bowl. The nuts and bolts were completely rusted and gross. My job was to stand there pressing a flat head screwdriver into the screw while she attempted to remove the screw from the bottom.

No matter which way she turned, the screw wouldn’t come loose. Finally, she gave up and decided to just remove the whole toilet and with that, she figured out the source of the leak. Broken wax ring.

However, since the screw connecting the water tank to the toilet bowl is loose yet it wouldn’t come off and there’s no way to tighten it, it left us with no other choice. She had to buy a new toilet and you know when did she choose to go buy it? Right when my TV show was about come on. Talk about bad timing, for me, not for her.

So I missed the show last night and spent the night walking back and forth while being blamed for every little thing. She seems to think I know how to install toilets and I don’t. I guess I’m a disappointment. I don’t know why she rushed these things, why not wait until the next day?

This morning, she woke me up again. Of course, when she’s home, no one can sleep in.

She just came home from a trip to Home Depot. She said the water supply line plug didn’t fit the new toilet. I have to go, otherwise, she’ll be suspicious of my activities. See, control freak!

I hope it’ll be done today. I think I have watched enough DIY Toilet repair videos to last me a lifetime.

7 thoughts on “Memories: Last Two Days

  1. The outside faucet is dripping. Living in the high desert, every drop counts. First two attempts to fix have failed. As I read your post I started to laugh. Thanks for putting my mounting frustration into perspective. Give your Mom my best!

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