Everything I do…

A music prompt again? Even though it’s a new one, I’m not a fan of those. This time, it’s asked to find the #1 song of when we’re born. I was curious so I gave the link a quick glimpse. I put in my birth date and not surprisingly, all the #1 songs from the charts around the globe that day are love songs.

I’m not surprised at all since most of the songs from the 90’s seem to be about love. The song on the US Chart is French. I was like what? Shouldn’t it be in English? I looked up the lyrics, didn’t understand a word.

everything i doSo I went onto the UK chart. The song, “Everything I do it (I do it for you)” by Bryan Adams was #1 that day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the lyrics to the song nor will the video play on YouTube but I think the title conveys everything about the song.

Last night was the first night back in school. Mom and I both have classes in separate classrooms. Her class got out early just as mine was about to go to break before lecture. She came to find me and whined about how her rich friend is so stingy that she’s not willing to buy a $400 plane ticket to fly to Las Vegas for a classmate reunion. My mom’s still debating to go even though she’s booked the rental car and motel.

Anyway, let’s fast forward to about 90 minutes later, on the drive home. I received the contract for my second Bachelor degree on Monday and according to the contract, I still have 13 more classes to go before I can graduate. I should make myself write a hundred times: I should not tell mom anything. 

I told her about the amount of coursework and last night on the drive home, she said, “You should register for those two one-credit classes quick.”

I said, “I think I’ll wait. My load’s heavy as it is. I mean, auditing is a difficult class.” That was my mistake there.

“Difficult? You’ve completed your engineering degree, that was difficult. There is nothing difficult about Accounting.”

Says who? My mom constantly seems to be under the assumption that school is easy because she got through 20 credits of lower level courses while working full-time at a community college like 15 years ago.

This is university, not college, it’s harder, way way harder. But what can I say? Everything I say will just backfire. She’s like holding a titanium shield. She’s won and I should really sew my mouth shut. I cannot tell her anything because no matter what I told her, it’ll backfire.

You know she even used you guys against me the other day? I dictated a text for her the other day, word-for-word, and she yelled at me for writing terribly. I mean, if you’re so brilliant, why can’t you write it? Here are her offensive words, “I don’t know how people read your stuff. I bet those who reads what you write are either really dumb or they’re just looking to waste their time.”


Anyway, sorry about the ramble, I just had to get it out. It happens to relate the song as well. Everything I do, I do it for my mom. No?

Daily Prompt – Your Number One

4 thoughts on “Everything I do…

  1. I was thinking that the song title had a greater meaning in your life. Funny to find out that you pointed that out at the end. I think some people can be envious of the creative minds of others. Your mother probably hates the fact that you spend your free time on WP. She obviously wants you all to herself! Can you really blame her??? Look how amazing you are! 😉

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    1. Actually, compare to maybe a year ago, I am actually spending less of my free time now on WP than I did then. I think she just want me to be be secretary, manage the whereabouts of everything, text people, and make phone calls.

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  2. Terrible thought…
    “Mom, just letting you know I’ll be leaving with my boyfriend, ‘Psycho Nick’ tomorrow morning. You can recognize him when he comes to the door by the beard and the skull tattoos on his arms. We’re gonna’ ride his Harley to Vegas to visit with his old friends from the Spider Skulls gang and then get hitched at a wedding chapel that has a minister who looks like Elvis.”

    Or perhaps…
    “Mom, just letting you know I’ll be leaving with my boyfriend, Bennett Carrington tomorrow morning. You can recognize him when he comes to the door by the Brioni Suit and the Ferrari Berlinetta parked out front. We’re going to fly his private jet to Paris to visit with his old friends from Cambridge and then get married at Winchester Cathedral.”


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