A Month in a Bubble

Today’s prompt is kind of specific though not specific enough. If I have a contagious disease, won’t I be sick? Won’t I have to endure fever and cough and probably mucus and have to stuck under a pile of blankets all day? I wouldn’t want to do anything when I’m sick, not even near the computer. Wait, will I have my darling computers here with me? What about my kindle and tablet?

Another thing is food. What about it? Who’s going to bring me any? I can’t remain in isolation with an empty stomach. Even though I’ve just spent a night with a nearly empty stomach doesn’t mean I can spend a month like that. Oh yes, what about water? A human needs to survive on both but it can survive for 21 days on just water. Who’s going to bring me water?

Of course, unless I have an alien contagious disease, a disease which no scientist knows about, one where I feel fine but will set off the alarms when I go to a hospital or something, if a hospital have disease trigger alarms, or maybe I just got bit by a vampire and I’m temporary suffering from vampire syndrome. Don’t need food or water, want blood type of thing and it takes a month for everything to return to normal. 😀

bubbleroomThen put some zippers in the basement and make it my own personal bubble. I’d spend everyday sleeping and surfing the web on my computers, perhaps I’ll finally finish writing that novel or maybe finish reading all the books on my kindle that I’ve been putting off for the last three years.

If I get bored, I can go to the next room and dig out my jigsaw. I can do a 2000-piece in a week at full speed, maybe I’ll slow down and finally complete those two famous Chinese paintings jigsaw puzzles my mom has been nagging me about since I was 6.

Then when I’m well again, I can go to Walmart and buy a frame and hang it proudly upstairs. But yeah, if I’m not physically ill and I have food and water (maybe), I don’t mind a month in isolation. In fact, I’ll be looking forward to it.

Ah, there goes my little fun post for the day. 🙂

Daily Prompt – Inside the Bubble

All image credit: Google Image

7 thoughts on “A Month in a Bubble

  1. Your post made me smile. I like that, and alien sort of disease where I feel fine sounds perfect! Especially with that room in the bubble photo. We’ll extend that bubble into an entire see-through house, and still keep computers and stuff. 🙂

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  2. Nice creative story, Yinglan. I love how you experience the isolation as a series of questions about how you will be cared for.

    Love the bubble picture. Did you take it? Where is it? If you didn’t take it, could you please credit the artist and link to the page where you found it. Thanks.

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    1. I just found it somewhere on Google. I don’t know who it belongs to. So the credit, I suppose, is Google image. I’m glad you like it. I’m always asking these questions because food and water are very important because without them, I’d die because I even get out of the bubble. Thank you for reading.


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