Monday Morning Frustration

I think technology is quite tricky sometimes.

technology-frustrationI woke up a little later than I have intended to this morning, at least with the respect to what I have to do today, it was late. I leaned over and grabbed my tablet off the rocking chair where I mostly keep it nowadays and do my morning tasks: check WP notifications, emails, publish my first post of the day, and finally, my 15-minutes of guided meditation.

It’s quiet in the blogosphere today, must be Monday. No email, strange. I ignored all of that and went straight to Google Chrome where I have four tabs open: the reader, daily post, my stats, and my business law textbook (it’s an ebook). I went to my dashboard and post.

There, I tapped the title of the post I wanted to publish but as if my tablet’s got a mind of its own, it pressed “trash” instead. Great, now, I have to go another step to retrieve the post from my trash folder, restore it, and press publish.

After I pressed publish, I began my daily guided meditation. 15 minutes later, as my mind became awake, I checked my WP notification again. Something’s not right, only one like in 15 minutes? Usually, I get more than that, like three or four.

I thought it was because of the huge traffic of posts streaming into the reader at that hour. So I went upstairs to have some breakfast, two pieces of raisin cinnamon swirl toast, a third-of-a-cup of soy milk, and a banana, if you’re wondering. Then I came back downstairs and checked my notification once again. Nothing new.

Are you kidding me?

So I went to my site. No wonder! WP (or me) has messed up again! It’s the second time this happened. I wrote the post late at night on September 12th. Follow me so far? I never set the schedule time and date for the post because I never when I’ll post them nowadays. However, this particular post has managed to set a publish time and date (9/12/2015 at 22:39).

I don’t know what happened but I ended up rescheduling the post to publish two minutes later. No big deal, I guess. Everyone, even machines makes mistakes now and then. Still though, it was quite a frustrating situation.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Frustration

  1. Yes. I think I’m going to start a meme called “Don’t you just hate it when…” I had a similar but not quite the same thing happen to me today. My wordpress dashboard reverted to it’s classic theme and I don’t know how that happened. huh

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  2. I wrote something a long while back about a series of mysterious malfunctions on WP — I still find that some of my computers can’t do certain things on the site, such as “like”-ing an article. For a while, I wasn’t able to leave comments from anything hooked up to my home’s commercial line which led to a very curious interaction with some people at Akismet. There are quite a few scripts that run on the site, and that combined with an “interesting” anti-SPAM service, seem to cause occasional glitches. Can be frustrating — though kicking the computer occasionally seems to help. (-_^)

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