Wrapping Up 2015: Awards [Liebster Award]

As 2015 comes to a close and my work is done, I have decided to finally stop procrastinating and complete all the award posts from the last quarter of 2015, starting with Liebster Awards. In November, I was nominated by Sweetaces at her blog, The Sweet Perspectives. In December, I was nominated by Jahnavi Chintakunta at her blog, Recharge Your Day. These are some great blogs, I highly recommend you to check them out.

June 2014

The rules are…

  • Answer the questions that your nominator posted for his/her nominees.
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Make up 11 new fun questions for your nominees.
  • Give some love back to your nominator and link back to his/her post.
  • You must nominate 5-11 bloggers.

Questions Time:

Here are Sweetaces’ questions:

  1. What is love?Love-Means-That-You1-Inspirational-Life-Quotes
  2. If you are alone in an island…what are the three things you would want to have with you? Taken from my post, Five things to realize a great friend: a filter for clean water, freeze-dried food, and clean clothes. desert-island-discs
  3. Tell me something that no one knows about you…hehe..no lying now. I don’t really know.
  4. Tell me your three bad habits you wish to break/stop. Procrastination, non-commitment to exercise (I want to commit to exercise instead of the opposite), and can’t think of a third habit.
  5. What are the 5 first things you would do if you are president of your country..And please mention which country you are from. My country is the U.S, and honestly, I hate politics. I hate talking about it, listening to it, mainly because this was my grandpa’s favorite and only topic of conversation and it was very annoying. So I’m not going to become the president.
  6. Have you done anything bad to someone you love? What did you do to redeem yourself and rectify the situation. In my opinion, I wouldn’t call this bad, it’s a little white lie and more like saving myself from headache and trouble and no, I never rectified the situation because to tell the truth would earn me about 12 hours of screaming.
  7. Who is your mentor? I guess my mom’s my mentor in a way.
  8. Which celebrity do you have a mad crush on? I don’t have a crush on any celebrity.
  9. Do you believe in God? And why. Yes because I was taught that God watches over us and knows when we’ve don’t something bad. Besides, I like to think that all of the men that passed on in my family (dad, step-dad, uncles) are with God instead of stuck in the abyss.
  10. What were the wishes you had as a child when growing up…did anyone come true?If yes.. And which..? I had a wish to become an international sensational singer, earn lots of money and help my mom. Another wish I had would be to be a successful business person, earn lots of money, and help my mom. Obviously, none of those wishes came true.

Here are Jahnavi’s questions:

  1. How do you get the motivation to blog regularly? Easy, I have something to say and I am obsessed with growing my traffic.
  2. What is one thing that you like the most about blogging? I like to be able to connect with other people.
  3. Approximately how many hours do you spend on blogging daily? I’ve been spending less and less lately. I used to spend a lot of time on blogging. I don’t know how many hours but it’s a lot.
  4. What do you aim to achieve from your blog? I hope to meet people and connect with others and maybe one day, I will need some of those connections to kick-start a career.
  5. Based on your experience, what advice do you give to a budding blogger? Every blog is different. Not all blogs grow at the same speed. It’s like a person. Every one grows at a different rate. It will depend on you and your contents to survive and thrive.

11 Random Facts:

Why 11 when you can have 50! Go check out my 50 facts page!

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