April Reflection

After a very long 30 days, May is finally here! I made it through four weeks of school projects, quizzes, exams, and most importantly, the A-Z challenge.


Let’s reflect on A-Z Challenge 2016…

This was my second time participating in this challenge but unlike last year, I had a theme this year: a quote with a story. Everyday for 26 days, I posted a quote at exactly 8:30 am mountain standard time (if you noticed), and each quote was followed by a non-fiction story or my thoughts on the quote. Then on Saturdays, I paired the quote with music.

The turn out was better than I thought. Each of my A-Z posts got an average of 50 views and I had more people visiting from other sites (blogspot) than last year!

Why did I pick this theme? Well, during the last few months, I had a few bloggers nominating me for the 3 quote 3 day challenge and because of my busy schedule, I haven’t had the time to do them. With my theme for the A-Z challenge, I’d be killing two birds with one stone. So 26 quotes, that’s 12 3-quote 3-day challenges.

It was a lot of fun and surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble with the challenge, except with a few letters. I wrote each post in advance with all the quotes already picked. Then it was just a matter of finding a situation in my head to go with the quote and with it already scheduled, I could focus on my school and work.

Now, instead of listing out the most viewed A-Z posts, I’ll do the opposite, I’ll list three of least viewed posts:

  1. R for Reminiscence
  2. S for Strong
  3. Y for Youth

If you’d like to catch up on the latest A-Z challenge posts, you can click here.

Other news in April…

In other news, my relationship with my mom is still a little stale but it’s getting better, I think. Mostly, we just do our own things and once in a while, she’d come in and hug me. I guess that’s a good sign, right?

Blogwise, because of the A-Z challenge, this blog resulted in the highest number of views to-date, with over 4,000 views in the month of April total and the highest number of views in a day, 218 and those views were fairly earned. Last time I had this many views in a day was when I had a blogging anomaly, meaning an old post became wildly popular.

Here are three least viewed non-A-Z posts in April:

  1. Share Your World – 2016 Week #13
  2. Reflection over Coffee #19
  3. Share Your World – 2016 Week #14


What’s next…

Summer semester is starting in 9 days. I think I’ll have fun in my summer classes, maybe. I’m taking communication, finance, and (hopefully) supply chain management until the end of June. Then it will be taxation of business entity and supply chain management until the middle of August. I think communication might be fun and I need that class to graduate.

I think I’ve told enough stories about myself for now, at least the A-Z challenge has finally managed to squeeze me dry of non-fiction stories. So for May, I will focus mostly on writing fiction and pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the recent weeks and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you. I thank you all for keeping up and reading my A-Z posts in April as well as all those who are new to my blog. I will be making my way around to check out your blogs soon and I hope you look forward to a month of fiction and pictures.

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