Full of Memories

Whenever I am playing this song, I feel like I am drifting back to the days when I would shut myself in my bedroom, pull a pair of headphones over my ears, and sit at my digital piano for hours at a time practicing songs, one after another, from beginning to end and if I screwed up a note, I would go back to the beginning and I would do it until I could play the song perfectly.

Those days were a decade ago when I was 15. It was my way of escaping reality, to temporarily transport myself to a world where my mom and step-dad didn’t fight at the drop of a hat, where my step-dad and his parents got along, where my step-dad wasn’t an overly emotional alcoholic and smoker, and where I had a loving family who laughed and did things together.

Those things never came true. It remained in my fantasy. My mom and I moved away and left my step-dad to smoke and drink into deep depression. Five years after we moved away, his liver failed.

These days, whenever I play this song, I often think of him. I think of the good times and only the good times we had like playing Frisbee at the park and doing a guitar-piano duet of Silent Night that Christmas eve. I think of the times when we went piano shopping and the day I spent on the back of his motorcycle as we rode to Travis Lake. Playing this song makes me miss him.

Still, I play it anyway because it is the first song I learned on the piano, because it is a reminder of those days, and because it keeps the memories of my step-dad alive. Canon in D is a song full of memories.

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26 thoughts on “Full of Memories

  1. Your post is so very sad. I wish things could have worked out better for your family. My daddy was an alcoholic, too, as were my granny and pappa.. When things were good, they were great. When Daddy was drinking…well, it was very bad. He had a motorcycle, too and fun memories are attached to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am glad that you have a song that keeps you connected to memories that were good. Have a blessed weekend, Yinglan.

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    1. I know what you mean. It was the same way with my step-dad. Things were good when he wasn’t drinking and bad when he was drinking. I am, too, glad to have such a song to preserve those precious memories. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too and thank you for reading.

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