Harvest and Earth- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I love harvest time because it signifies the end of hard work and the beginning of enjoyment. My mom and I planted this Japanese plum tree in the front yard the fall after we moved into our current home. We initially planted two additional plum trees in the backyard but both died after the first frost. Without the other trees, this tree hadn’t been able to pollinate and bare fruit. It puzzled us for years because the nursery where we purchased this tree told us this tree should be able to self-pollinate.

Last spring, we planted a pluot tree (cross between apricot and plum) and one day at the end of summer last year, I arrived home from work and noticed something odd about the tree in the front yard. Curious, I went and look and sure enough, there were several green little plums. I quickly called my mom to come out to have a look. Unbelievable, after seven years, this tree was finally baring fruit and all it took was planting another plum tree.

For two years now, this tomato plant has been growing strong. The thing is – this wasn’t a potted plant. Late spring, two years ago, my mom planted seeds in the garden and that summer we got a decent harvest of tomatoes. They were sweet and delicious. That fall, after the first frost, as the vines withered, my mom buried them.

Late spring last year, surprisingly, the tomato vines returned and showered us with sweet juicy tomatoes.

Finally, here is a picture for “Earth”. Earth reminds me of dirt and rural. This was taken somewhere in my grandma’s village in China last month. This dirt reminds me that although it can be dusty at times, the air and sky here is way better than the city.

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