#DSFWeeklyRewind: Thank you for the Opportunity

Good morning and thank you for joining me on this Saturday. I will start with gratitude this week . I am grateful for a few things this week.

First of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed over the phone for a job. I think it went well and I sure hope it went well. He said he will call me in a week. The next step, he said, would be to head into the office and see if I am a good fit culture-wise. I would think so.

Secondly, I am grateful my former co-worker and friend called me the day before the interview and said a thoughtful prayer.

Third and lastly, I am grateful for the extended weekend.

This has been a short and long week for me – only two days in the office – but that does not mean I’m at home chillin’. I was hard at work. Everyone wanted numbers, numbers which I don’t have. I kept telling my boss and co-workers, the office is closed and all my numbers are on the office desktop. They ignored me completely.

Boy, I really hope I get this job.

Anyway, it all began last Friday when the fire department came for an inspection. The fire marshal said there was too much hay in the warehouse. It wasn’t the first time he complained about that. However, apparently, the company had used up its strikes and the fire department shut down the company.

On Monday, Miss HR wanted me to go to her house to work since the office is closed. I didn’t go. Why should I? What am I supposed to do there? I couldn’t access the software and I don’t have any of the numbers memorized (because who does?).

On Tuesday, Miss HR didn’t push me to go to her house. Instead, she pushed me to get the bank account balance from the bank VP without telling him why I cannot check the balance myself. In other words, I could tell no one about the company’s little “problem”.

The company re-opened on Wednesday afternoon and the first thing was they wanted me to go there immediately. No way! It was almost 5 PM. No way was I driving an hour through rush-hour traffic to get to the company to get some numbers. Some twelve more hours won’t hurt.

On Thursday, it turned out the fire marshal didn’t completely clear the company. Apparently, they heard wrong. So I ended up going home early.

Friday was the first full day of work this week and I’ve been busy as heck. I had a thick stack of invoices on my desk from last Friday waiting to be entered into the computer and a dozen other things to do. I don’t even know if I can have the financial reports completed by the end of next week. Meanwhile, vendors emails rushed in inquiring when I was making payments. I was so behind and I could tell none of our vendors we got shut down for three days for violating fire safety regulations.

It was the most annoying thing and it made me want to quit this job even more because making payments isn’t part of an accountant’s duties. An accountant’s duties are assist the clerk in entering the data and analyze financial data. It’s the clerk’s duty to make payment.

Meanwhile, my bosses are in China and if I make a payment to a supplier, I might get in trouble with my bosses and if I don’t, I’ll get in trouble with the vendors. And I still have a dozen things to do.

Here’s hoping next week will be better than this week. I want to thank you for joining me this Saturday and hope to see you again next weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy some pictures I took on Monday following the first snow storm of 2017 winter season while I cross my fingers and pray I will have good news next week.

19 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Thank you for the Opportunity

  1. Your snow pictures are lovely. It’s snowing here, but I don’t think it will amount to much this time. I’m sorry about your week at work.

    I had a similar experience — someone asking me to drive some place during rush hour when it wasn’t really needed — at my last job. I’m glad you didn’t go in that night when they asked.

    I hope the other job is yours soon!

    Thanks again for joining in my #DSFWeeklyRewind. I’m always happy to see you. πŸ™‚

    Everybody! Join in! Start here: http://bit.ly/DSFWR1

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  2. Aw, man, sending TONS of good vibes that you get the job! Sounds like they are really putting you in unfair positions.. Not cool. Wishing you a better week. Keep us posted! πŸ™‚

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