#Writephoto – Neptune

Neptune Image by KL CALEY

The statue of King Neptune was the first thing she saw when she arrived at the park. As she stood by the pond, waiting for the guy she’d been texting with to show up for their date, her gaze traveled to the statue in the middle of the pond. She knew who that was unlike many people.

She was a naturally curious person and in her free time, she spent it reading up on the history of the city and all the things that had happened over the years.

He’s late, she thought, annoyed, as she glanced at her watch once more before turning her attention toward King Neptune. “It looks like the recent storms didn’t do you justice.” She sighed.

“Didn’t do who justice?” An accented voice startled her.

She turned around to see a dark hair man smiling at her. Not bad looking at all, she thought, her eyes began to travel from his ocean-blue eyes to his chiseled facial features to his pulled-back hair. “I’m sorry. Have we met? You look familiar and I don’t think you’re the guy I’ve been exchanging texts with.”

He seemed old school, like someone who had just stepped out from the history books. Then suddenly, she realized. “You’re him.” She nearly shouted, spinning 180-degrees and pointed at the statue in the middle of the pond. “You’re Neptune!”

“I’m who?” A lazy, non-accented voice spoke.

She turned around to see her blind date standing in the exact spot Neptune was standing a moment before. He was wearing stained jeans and an old gray t-shirt like he didn’t put an ounce of effort into this date at all. “Oh, nothing. I must had mistaken you for someone else. Listen, I hate to do this but can we reschedule? I just received a family emergency.” Before he could say another word, she bolted for the parking lot. Not worth the wait.


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