Lens-Artists Challenge #143: Colorful April

This week for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, we are challenged to share some colorful photos to represent the spring-like April.

It’s an amazing experience to see spring arrive here in Utah. It’s so spontaneous that you’d feel like you’ve woken up in another world. I took a drive into the mountains last weekend, hoping to see blossoming wildflowers but instead, this was the landscape I encountered. Nope, still winter, still barren and cold.

Somewhere along a scenic byway
8-photo panorama

After a rainy Tuesday, when I arrived at the mouth of my neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon, I saw all the trees had transformed overnight from barren branches to pink and white patches of tiny flowers. Even my backyard became interesting overnight with my Fruitless-Asian-Pear, Japanese plum, and Bing Cherry trees sprouting flowers. It was quite a sight and that was definitely the moment to say, “Spring has Sprung.”

Fruitless Asian Pear blossom
Japanese Plum blossoms
Cherry buds

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #143: Colorful April

    1. The overnight transformation for but spring and autumn are a sight to see. It’s truly an amazing spectacle. Thank you for visiting and for the theme. 🙂


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