Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161: Feet and Shoes

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161, Ann-Christine assigned, in my opinion, a rather strange topic – Feet and Shoes.

Immediately, this picture sprang to mind. I shot this during my last visit to China in 2018 when I visited the museum in my hometown. It was quite an interesting tour as I got to see the transition from eastern culture to western culture. Though they look real, these are actually plastic figures to illustrate the point of opening the first shopping mall in China.

Is it weird I still have these boots? Even after 5 years? I should’ve thrown them away long ago – they are so incredibly heavy that each step I take feels like I’m dragging bricks. It’s so hard to find winter shoes that fit these days.

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161: Feet and Shoes

  1. It would have been interesting to see the transition in shoes as well. And I agree with Patti – if the shoes work well – keep them! I have only got old winter shoes, as I believe, like you say, it is not easy to find good ones nowadays.

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