More Monday Thoughts

Can somebody say Deja Vu?

Though it doesn’t show it, the sun is once again glowing red. The sky will once again be hazing and smokey today with the temperature supposedly going to 98-degree-Fahrenheit. I fear I might be over-dressed with my khakis and polo shirt. I guess I’ll just have to make a mad dash to my car right after work today to avoid getting burned by the intense UV rays.

I’ll also have to make a trip to the home improvement store today to get some pressure regulators for my drip irrigation. Yes, I’m back at that again.

The drip system I’ve got set up now isn’t working. The tubing is constantly coming loose, leaving puddle of water everywhere.

I actually spent about 2 hours at the home improvement store on Saturday while mom went to visit her friends. I had to invest in a whole new set of garden tools. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of having to dig with my hands.

My shovel’s missing, so is the garden hoe and my cultivator, everything I need to maintain a garden are missing.

Turned out, my aunts and uncles have been coming over and taking my tools. “Borrowing,” they say but it’s actually they take it for a month (or two), return it for a week (or two), and borrow it again. I told my mom about it but she just treated her siblings like a mother spoiling her child – “just let them.”

When has she said that to me?

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